FOUNDATIONS - Opposition (Week5)

This week we look at Ezra Chapter 4 and the opposition that came against the Israelites. The adversaries brought deception, discouragement, frustration, accusation, and force. We explore the response of turning inward and focusing on their own “needs.” Finally we look at how they should have responded (5:1-2) God is SPEAKING, God is OVER you and God is FOR you.

FOUNDATIONS - Work (Week4)

Erza 3 discusses the Israelites starting the work. Step 1: re-establish worship. Step 2: take ownership. If you are going to rebuild your foundation it will take intentional effort, sacrifice, and accountability. Join us as we explore this text together.

FOUNDATIONS - Exile (Week 3)

Join us this week as we explore Ezra 2. We will discover what it meant to be an exile - one who was home but not home. We discuss the exile's thinking in this world as to whether we SUBMIT or STAND. Finally we wrap up looking at the need for community and a reminder of the Gospel as pivotal necessities for the exile to survive in this world.

FOUNDATIONS - Sovereignty (Week 2)

This week we look at Ezra Chapter 1. We look at 3 foundational truths about God from this chapter. #1 God Always Keeps His Promises According To His Will. #2 God Uses Whomever or Whatever He Chooses To Accomplish His Will. #3 God Moves In Us To Be Obedient To His Will.

FOUNDATIONS - Background & Setting (Week1)

This first week in the Book of Ezra we discuss the background for the book and setting which lead to the writing of this book. We explore the series theme: rebuilding on the bedrock foundation of Jesus. We also mark out the call to return each week to explore how to rebuild our foundations. This week we have the honor of Ross Zabloski sharing his passion for history in our message.

BASECAMP Week 2 - Core Values

In this second preview service at Bedrock Church Franklin Co. we discuss our Core Values. Core Values are like our DNA - they make us who we are and distinct. We discuss the importance of knowing our Core Values and living by them. Our Core Values are: TEAM, COMMUNITY, PRAYER, THE WORD and MISSION. Pastor Russon teaches on the value of TEAM and why we are not wise to go it alone. Heath Kennedy teaches on PRAYER as both corporate and individual. Ross Zabloski teaches the importance of THE WORD and how we allow it to speak for itself. Finally Sam Kozicky teaches on MISSION and how that is to make disciples everywhere God sends us. This is PREVIEW SERVICE #2 at Bedrock Church Franklin Co. in Rocky Mount, VA

BASECAMP Week 1 - Mission/Vision

In this first message in the BASECAMP series, Mission and Vision are discussed. Russon discussed why we are called to Bring RESCUE and RESTORATION to our community by the Gospel of Jesus. This is the How of the church. He also discusses the Why of the church - Vision. This first message gives us a good foundation to began building our understanding and beliefs on the church. Bedrock Church is a local church plant in Franklin Co. VA.