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Let’s be honest—so often we don’t even know the people in our churches, much less exhibit this supernatural type of unity and love. And if we’re even more honest, we’d admit that it’s much easier to try to invite someone to a church service with a cool band, an excellent children’s program, an amazing speaker, and a comfortable building than actually loving that person with Christ’s love. Being part of our biological family is hard enough, so showing this other-worldly type of love that God demands requires real sacrifice and his Spirit every day.
— Francis Chan
Bedrock Church is a church of small groups.  We call these groups LIFEgroups. These meet throughout our community in house, throughout the week.  The Bible describes the church as family.  John 13:35 - “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”  LIFEgroups are where you will grow as a follower of Jesus and build these family relationships.  LIFEgroups are much more than just a Bible study — they become a place to be and grow as family.  Look though our groups and contact our group leaders for specific information on their groups.
— Bedrock Church Franklin Co.

Sunday 1:00PM

*Childcare Available

Boones Mill Area
"Sam and Chrisandra Kozicky live in the Boones Mill area and have 4 kids. They desire their group to create a loving family atmosphere where everyone can be loved, life is experienced together, and growth happens in their relationship with God."
Current Study: #blessed (Sunday Series)


Thursday 6:30PM

*Childcare Available

Rocky Mount Area
"Russon and Nicole Bibbs live in the Rocky Mount area and have 6 kids. They desire their group to be a family that shares life together. They feel called to connect with people in their community and encourage them in their walk with Jesus."
Current Study: #blessed (Sunday Series)


Tuesday 6:30PM

*Childcare Available

Henry Fork Service Center - 71 Sandridge Rd.
Trena, Chrisandra and Nicole have a passion to lead women to grow in their identity in Christ. God has laid the Henry Fork area on their hearts. They desire to build a community that lives life together and encourages women to live their life centered around the Gospel.
Current Study: Women's Topical Study


Thursday 6:30PM

Rocky Mount Area
"Ross and Holly Zabloski realized that there was a gap in Christian community from high school to adulthood. Our new graduates, college students, and young career people are struggling to find consistency in growing in following Jesus. Zabloskis started this group in hopes of bridging that gap."
Current Study: EXODUS

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