Christmas Prayer Service

We are inviting you to join us as we strive to get back to an authentic vision for Christmas and not the consumer mentality that we have become accustom to. We we look at the Jesus birth narrative and seek to spend time with “God With Us!” Please join us for this unique and creative time of worship!
*Childcare Available



begins at 10am!

Christmas Service.jpg

Christmas becomes the holiday that is all about “us.” We have to find the right gift, visit the right people, and be at the right place. But what if Christmas was never intended to be about us. What if it was something much simpler? What if we have missed the true meaning all these years? Join us as we spend time praying to God and worshipping His only son — Jesus!

MEETING LOCATION:  Henry Fork Service Center

71 Sandridge Rd. Rocky Mount, VA 24151